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Explosive, unpredictable over-reactions

Horses are dangerous to be around when they are over-reactive and spooky. If you have completed the Health Check on the website and there seems to be a lot of ticks in the ‘Dangerous’ section then you need to take urgent steps to adjust the diet as recommended in the Current Diet Review, Dietary principles and for more specific instructions click on ‘Changes to the Diet’.

Riding a horse when he is grass-affected to this extent is the equivalent of being a passenger in a vehicle driven by someone on ‘P’! The outcome is out of your control and not likely to be good! It is really important to read “When Not to Ride”

The majority of accidents happen when horses are suffering from disturbances to their bio-chemistry caused by mineral imbalances. When they are touchy, spooky, twitchy or hypersensitive they are ‘reacting’ not ‘thinking’.

Sometimes they can be hopelessly distracted and their attention is not with you. They can be overly claustrophobic and very unsafe in enclosed spaces or going through gateways.

They are prone to violent outbursts. If they are tied up they are liable to have a sudden pull-back. If you manage to get them in the float, they are liable to try and bust out. Or they can end up over the front bars, out the window or rush back off before you’ve even had a chance to undo the back bar.

We try not to use the word ‘don’t’ but here are a few exceptions!

*Don’t tie up or float horses when they are like this let alone ride them or put a child on them.
It is safest to leave them alone until they have ‘come down a few pegs’ to where they are safe to be around. It will likely take longer before they are safe enough to ride.

*Take heed of the signs: “Won’t stand still for mounting” is a very important sign especially when the head shoots up and the horse is ‘looking behind’. It is a big mistake to try and work through this as that point while you have one foot in the stirrup and the other foot is going over is a very vulnerable time.

Whatever you do don’t waste time ‘working through issues’ because it is risky and there REALLY ARE NO ISSUES. Once you have made the Diet adjustments and the horse comes back to normal you will find the ‘issues’ have miraculously disappeared all on their own.

There are lots of stories on the website illustrating these points. Please share this post as you may save someone an injury!

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