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Minerals & Joint Supplements for Dogs

High Spec Minerals & Joint Supplements for our Canine friends



Canine Amino-Boost is the equivalent of the Premium MVA product, specifically formulated for all dogs.

Along with Canine Boost, we are proud to stock the AllinFlex range of joint supplements for dogs.

Joint, Bone and Mobility Dietary Supplements for Dogs

CalmHealthyHorses is proud to offer our customers the Canine Joint supplements of AllinFlex NZ.
AllinFlex offers a wide range of bone and joint health supplements for your dog. Whether you are looking for a preventative or a joint aid, for puppies through to older dogs, AllinFlex has a suitable product for you.

Despite being a canine product, we only use HUMAN EXPORT grade quality ingredients which support overall bone and joint health. 

The main ingredient in our best selling products is NZ Green Lip Mussel which is very high in Omega 3, and is known to help relieve arthritis and many other bone and joint issues by reducing inflammation and swelling. 

The Green Lipped Mussel Products are;

  • AllinFlex Canine – available in powder, capsule, and 'treat' form
  • Allinflex Canine Plus - added Collagen & Abalone for bone, joint and connective tissue health
  • AllinFlex Canine with Tumeric