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You will notice a change in the colour of GrazeEzy.

It is now a creamy colour because we had the opportunity to incorporate fulvic acid – a very beneficial element which aids in the digestion and the absorption of nutrients - it is also a valuable immune boosting substance.

Fulvic acid is a part of the hum+5uic structure in rich composting soil. Plants happily absorb large amounts of fulvic acid when it is available but unfortunately, with our biologically depleted soils, this is no longer usually the case.

This makes it an ideal addition to the other ingredients in GrazeEzy which is formulated to help horses deal with problem grass.

*Note - there is no change to the price

About GrazeEzy...

Grass, in rapid growth mode, or stressed by over-grazing or the weather, becomes minerally imbalanced.

This causes mineral imbalances in the horse. Whilst nature has provided the horse with efficient self-regulating mechanisms to keep the body functioning normally at these times, many horses eventually become overwhelmed resulting in the various health and behaviour issues which can ruin your enjoyment and mean you spend more time nursing your horse than riding him.

One of the effects of these mineral imbalances is to upset the body pH which should be neutral. This change can be reflected in the horse's urine pH.


Graze Ezy has been formulated to help neutralise or 'buffer' these imbalances in the grass. It is important to start with 10gms per feed and gradually increase the dose. If the manure softens then just revert to the previous amount.

Organic chromium assists with metabolizing the sugars in the grass. Long term GrazeEzy will contribute significantly towards a longer useful life.

Heather's Experience...

'Approx early September, I moved my normally calm and loving gelding into a new paddock, one that had been fertilised several weeks before. The grass was green and rather lush. He was started on a small area and slowly moved out.

Within 10 days he was suddenly spooky and hard to ride. Another few days later and he turned into a horse that wouldn't let you touch him, wouldn't let you catch him or even into his paddock. Feeding time was like taking your life into your hands and you had to make sure you had your running shoes on. It became a matter of dumping his feed bin and running before he could rear at you or front foot.

After trying many things from many people, I finally made contact with Jenny and he was put on GrazeEzy, salt, hay, and no grass.

I wasn't sure at first, was it going to be another product I would waste money on that wouldn't help, however, within days of starting a difference could be seen, I could catch him and finally change his cover.
A week after starting I was able to lunge him again. While he was still a little spooky he was manageable again.

Now its November and he is in full work and has been out to two in-hand shows where he was back to his normal self with a couple of ribbons to show for it. Thank you Jenny for a wonderful product, next spring I will be ready!


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