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Grass Issues

These are  the products which help address issues caused by pasture grass

· GrazeEzy – helps prevent issues caused when grass is unsuitable (either short & green or lush & green) by reducing the signs of ‘increased excitability’ (also reflected in a higher than normal urine pH) See the CalmHealthyHorses Health Checklist -…/pdf/Checklist_webform.pdf
Introduce slowly as per directions on back of packet. Increase the dose until horse is back to normal or their urine pH is down to 7 or slightly under. You can then vary the dose according to what is happening with the grass due to the weather.

· AlleviateC SOS – on the other hand addresses the more serious problems that have already been caused by unsuitable grass/feed. In many cases it works very quickly but, as there are a lot of variables that contribute (Soil type, fertilizer history, weather, season, stage of growth of grass, grass species, whether there is clover present to name a few), you may need a combination of both GrazeEzy and SOS – some horses initially require both.
Feed high dose (after introducing) until the horse is back to normal and then gradually drop the dose and swap to AlleviateC or XtraCal. Keep some SOS on hand in case you need it.

· AlleviateC – Competition people love this product as it improves performance by facilitating nerve and muscle function, for keeping their horses settled under pressure and moving fluidly.
Feed their small dose daily, double (or more) the dose prior to events.

· Alleviate – our original flagship product, still going strong. Ideal to reduce anxiety in times of stress. Feed small dose daily, double or more the dose prior to events.

· ToxAll – Combines the toxin-binding properties of MycoFix Plus 5.E (Reg ACVM 11328) with the calming benefits of chelated magnesium and Vitamin B1. 
Combined with a pre-biotic for hind gut flora health it is both palatable and effective.
In times or regions of humidity feed the recommended dose twice daily.