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AlleviateC SOS



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AlleviateC SOS is for horses seriously affected by their pasture grass.
Everything from sore feet to head flicking.

Has proved helpful for:

Sore feet, shifting weight from foot to foot

Horses in rocked back stance

Reluctance to move

Lying down a lot


‘Aeroplane ears’, probable head-ache

Muzzle, general skin or muscle twitching

Excessive nose rubbing

Light sensitivity

 Excessive Itching


Signs of ‘increased excitability’

Spooking, like their eyesight is affected

Herd-bound, separation anxiety

 Musculo-skeletal problems

‘Sacro-iliac’ problems

Some coughs & respiratory conditions

 And many more - See our Health Checklist


The best results have been observed when it has been used in conjunction with GrazeEzy along with our other recommended diet adjustments. See the CalmHealthyHorses Plan

For acute problems remove the horse from ALL green, grass until he is back to normal, then gradually and carefully reintroduce grass again.

It is necessary to lower potassium intake by immediately removing from the horse’s diet:

  • ·         short, green, growing grass
  • ·         legumes like clover and lucerne
  • ·         soy-based feeds and protein meals
  • ·         molassed feeds

All of the above add to your horse’s potassium load and make it harder for his system to keep vital minerals in balance.
He will still be ingesting plenty of potassium (more than his daily requirement) from his 24/7  hay

 SOS can be dissolved in water and syringed orally


Contains a proprietary blend of chelated magnesium, chelated and non-chelated calcium with essential co-factors boron, phosphorous and Vitamin D.


SOS saved this boy“Had I not seen for it for myself I would not have believed how quickly the detrimental effect of new grass shoots had on a small laminitic-prone pony - extreme discomfort, within 3-4 hours of consumption.
Thankfully the relief felt after administering (via syringe as directed) a combination of these products was equally as rapid; amazingly said pony went from being barely able to take a step forward to
strutting his stuff again within 24 hours. Unbelievable!”
Sally, Canterbury









"A quick note to Jenny Paterson and Cathy Dee .
Kiwi is walking around !Looking so much better .
He has not looked this good for more than 3 weeks .
Thank you for your amazing support and advice and not to mention your amazing products .
I had almost lost all hope in his recovery but SOS turned him around" .

Olwen, Rangiora



1st Sept 2015
"Hi Jenny,
I am in need of some advice please. I have a full clydie whom gets a daily dose of alleviate C (sometimes alleviate), he also gets salt added to his feed. I sowed his paddock a few years back with ‘good grasses’ but I suspect a lot of the ‘bad grasses’ have come back as we are surrounded on 3 sides by lush cow grazing paddocks. 
Anyhow just over the past few days when we have started to have some spring grass growth his temperament has changed dramatically, he is in such a foul mood with his ears pinned back and even threatened to kick tonight when I feed him. I am not in the position at the moment to take him off the grass completely as we have so much mud up here, it is fetlock deep (it was in the paper tonight that we have had the wettest winter in recorded history!). I noticed on your website that you now have alleviate SOS, would this be worth a go? 
Your advice is most appreciated....."
Jen H

11 October 2015
''Hi Jenny,
Just letting you know that the Alleviate SOS has worked a treat. Within a day I noticed Zack's mood improve significantly. A few days later I caught him for a ride, he wasn't sensitive when I brushed him (he has been funny with brushing for a while now, didn't like being brushed around his belly).
Then I took him out for a ride (it had been about 6 weeks since our last ride) and he was a complete angel. I could feel he had excess energy but he was so well behaved. He didn't put a foot wrong, I was so proud of him!
He has just been getting the SOS once a day and I think I will switch back to the AlleviateC soon and keep the SOS for when I really need it. 
Three weeks on and Zack is still being very well behaved, a true gentleman.
Thanks for your help,
Kind regards"
Jen H

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