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z - HA DIY Kit


z - HA DIY Kit


AllinFlex HA Joint fluid support DIY Kit
Hyaluronic Acid in high molecular weight aids nutrient delivery to the joint fluid.

  • HA, it's structure is the simplest of all glycosaminoglycans and forms the backbone of proteoglycans (a form of protein).
  • It is found in the connective tissue and created in the synovial membrane by the chondrocytes (the only cells in cartilage).
  • Absorption in a gel form is your best option,

Allinflex NZ Hyaluronic Acid (HA)  DIY Kit gives you the opportunity to feed fresh if and when required. 

100ml water to 1 gram HA, 10ml a day for 10 days.
10ml is for 600kg horse a low dose.
20 to 25ml is a booster.
If you want to give higher dose, just give more liquid, don’t put more HA in the water.
2/3 of the SMALL side of the spoon is 1 gram to 100ml water.
Full heaped SMALL side spoon is 2 gr to 200ml water.

Heaped BIG side spoon is 4 gr to 400ml water. Clean a glass jar thoroughly pour required amount of water in jar, then the HA powder.Shake for 30 seconds, it will get lumpy. Put in fridge and shake another 2x that day, till consistency is smooth. Ready to use.  

If you would like to give a course of HA for 5 days we are offering you the option with this kit to make it FRESH! Fresh HA is much more potent.

As you can make as little as a 10 days course of 100mg HA or 5 days of 200mg HA.

You cannot get fresher HA anywhere!

And as usual all our equine products are HUMAN Grade.

We recommend strongly to use De-ionized water it is produced by the chemical purification of the  water from salts, metals, trace elements and micro-particles using special ion exchange equipment. It's purity is much higher than that of distilled water obtained by distillation.

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