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y - Canine Amino-Boost


y - Canine Amino-Boost


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High Spec Minerals for our Canine friends

Minerals for dogsCanine Amino-Boost is the equivalent of the Premium MVA product, specifically formulated for all dogs. It has a yummy bacon flavour - just sprinkle the dose topically over your dog’s feed, whatever that happens to be.







 It didn’t take long to receive some great feedback from Steffi’s owner, surprised at the difference it made to their elderly dog after only ten days:

"Steffi is a 15 year old Staffordshire Terrier. She belongs to my brother Neil. Steffi has been mostly fed biscuits. Over the last 2 years she has slowed down quite a lot and has not been as cheerful as usual.

However, after 10 days of being on the dog minerals she has perked up considerably - trying to play and prance with Neil and seeming to "smile" a lot more. She has reverted to her old self of several years ago and just seems to be a happier girl".
Sheena, Clevedon

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