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y Dr Deb Workbook No 1 - Conformation Basic Skills


y Dr Deb Workbook No 1 - Conformation Basic Skills


If you want to make sure that you know EVERYTHING you need to know about conformation right from the beginning, then this book is for you.

It is a reference book, coaching book, a must for pony clubs!

Covering all aspects of the conformation of the horse and anatomy, with explanations of how the horse develops such things as Hunter Bump and poor hoof shape.

A comprehensive guide on how to evaluate your own horse's conformation, how to tell if the horse is 'downhill' or not, a tooth eruption schedule, palpating bones and muscles through the skin.

It includes to clear black and white diagrams of the muscles and the bones, normal vs abnormal hoof shapes, body balance and alignment.

There is also a section on how to take pictures for conformation analysis and it contains quizzes to test your knowledge - a great learning tool for clubs!

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